A Little About Me

My interest in an alternative perspective of things began in earnest with a psychology degree at Goldsmiths University in 1991. The next decade focused on neuropsychology and the study of language using functional imaging. I gained a doctorate in cognitive neuroscience and stayed in research until my mid twenties.


In 2003 I moved to Dorset, enthralled by its unique beauty and continue to be inspired the use of language and its ability to evoke imagery and emotion. My fascination with neuropsychology influences my artwork e.g. synaethesia where senses become confused (such as hearing colours and seeing music).


My work is eclectic (ink drawings, paintings, multimedia, digital and photography) and I have exhibited in several venues in West Dorset. I have been a self employed artist since 2010.


You can view some of my work at Beaminster Emporium and at The Art Asylum in Weymouth.